Monday, February 18, 2013

New Bat Art GIF Style!

I often try to give a plug to aspiring Bat artists out there and here is one that is worthy your attention.  There is a tumblr page called Made By AVBH which you can check out by using the link.  The above GIF is from the cover of Batman #17 which wraps up the "Death of the Family" saga featuring the return of the Joker.

It's a great piece of art by Greg Capullo, the original artist, and it is given startling life by AVBH. The issue itself is a bit of a disappointment as was the entire series.  It was certainly no match for the "Court of the Owls" series than ran previous to it.  If you want to read a great Batman comic please see "Batman and Robin #17" as that issues deals with the perils and tragedy of PTSD and I will be definitely blogging on that book.

I'm going to also blog on the "Face of the Joker" given by the various artists connected with the Death of the Family series.  I thought it interesting the different takes that each of the contributing artists gave to the Joker and how they used their art to reveal the madness that is the Joker.  Look forward to that series soon.

Below are a couple more of "AVBH's" creations and they are some of my favorites.  Don't forget to check out the tumblr page!

Who Is The Earth 2 Batman?

DC comics recently announced that the Earth 2 annual will hit the stands on May 29th.  The biggest reveal about ts announcement is that a new Batman will enter that universe!  Anyone that has been reading the "Earth 2" comic knows that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of that world, died when the saved that planet from destruction  The issue will be written James Robinson and the art will be provided by Yildiray Cinar, Cafu and Julius Gopez. (Earth 2 is an alternate universe or reality concept that DC publishes to bring fresh perspective to their heroes.)

So who will Robinson choose to follow in the footsteps of that world's original Batman?  Even money is on Dick Grayson but the above illustration is decidedly dark in tone.  So does that mean that world also had a Damien that we didn't know about?

My money would be on the Jason Todd of that planet.  Why?  Well, *spoiler alert* thanks to the recent solicit for "Red Hood and the Outlaws" due February 20th, if one Jason Todd dies in this universe then wouldn't it be fitting to resurrect that character in the Earth 2 universe? 

Below is the cover to "Red Hood and the Outlaws #17.

DC loves the concept of Jason Todd and they may be more in love with the idea of killing him off which has been done several times.  Hopefully if the Earth 2 version turns out to be Jason Todd he'll get a little longer shelf life to further explore his character.  He is usually characterized as harder edged with a propensity for breaking the rules.  Maybe the Earth 2 version will be a nice guy.  But I doubt it and I doubt he will be allowed live past a whole year.

Goodbye in advance Earth 2 Jason Todd, we hardly knew ye.