Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Suidice Squad - Batman Versus The Joker?

With "Suicide Squad" about to make its debut this Friday (August 5th), here's a little hypothetical I've been toying around with.

We all know about the close relationship between Harley and the Joker.  The above image recently released from Jared Leto's Instagram account, shows the early stages of their relationship as the Joker begins his seduction of Dr. Quinzel.

Some information from the movie has leaked out (Spoiler alert) that Batman has a confrontation with Harley and The Joker wherein Batman has to rescue Harley from a certain death.  This separates Harley from The Joker and he none too happy about that.

So here's the hypothetical Later on, The Joker briefly confronts Batman and expresses his bitterness over this "separation."

Joker, "You took something from me."

To which Batman responds, "You took something from me too."

Batman fans know what I'm talking about.

In the movie, "Batman v Superman" Bruce Wayne briefly looks up at the empty suit of a fallen Robin.  It stands mute except for the taunts written across it.  It's been confirmed this is the suit of the second Robin, Jason Todd.  In the comics, The Joker has killed Todd in the now famous story, "A Death in the Family."

My hypothetical has The Joker quickly escaping from Batman with both having a score to settle for another day.

Will this happen in the Suicide Squad movie?  I certainly hope so.  It would be a great teaser for the standalone Batman film that will eventually happen.

Here's a brief interview with Leto hoping for a similar confrontation.

Of course, a scene such as this may well steal the movie and the producers probably wouldn't want that.  But it would make a great stinger for the closing credits!

Suicide Squad is nearly upon us.  Let's see what happens!

Oh, and, here's the last TV spot for the movie with our favorite antagonists.